11 February 2013

Roof raking

Rick is out clearing snow off the roof of the house
The rake looks like a small push shovel 
on the end of an extra long expandable pole
He reaches up and out, then pulls
and the pile up of snow that weighs heavy on our home 
pours down like rain
blowing in the wind
a blizzard of his own making
leaves me pondering 
how often we avoid the cleaning
how the very storms that frighten us
are the same as those that clear the path 
for a brighter coming day

I sense that God is speaking here 
and again I feel the call 
to surrender to His hand
to whatever work He chooses to do 
in me, through me, around me
refining through snow, or wind or fire
may I bow low, my only cry
"not my will, but Yours be done, Lord"


Anonymous said...

those small flakes do pile up after awhile. it's so good of rick to go raking.

Linda said...

Such a beautiful analogy. It doesn't ever seem very pleasant when we're going through the difficulties, but they come with purpose. He does all things well.