26 August 2015

next door

we are in a place
where beauty thrives
in even the driest of seasons

colours both delicate
and brilliant
highlight His glory
pointing to the next open door

I see what you’ve done. Now see what I’ve done. 
I’ve opened a door before you that no one can slam shut. 
You don’t have much strength, I know that; 
you used what you had to keep my Word. 
You didn’t deny me when times were rough.


17 August 2015

at a fork

we have come
once again
to a time of decision
choices swirling

as we seek His direction
and perfect plans
we, like this common bulbul
are taking our rest
right here in the fork
before taking wing

 Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look; 
and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; 
then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.