01 February 2008

Back to The Bulrushes

A very busy Saturday began with a morning visit to the Watoto Baby's Home. We cuddled, kissed, tickled, played with and prayed over the little ones. Rick spent much of his time with a girl named Hope and I was with Sarah. Our hearts indeed were stolen by these beautiful little girls.

Geoff found a little boy to hold and both of them drifted off to a peaceful time of rest. I am reminded of my flight to Entebbe from London. I was feeling quite sick and tired but unable to sleep. I was turned a bit sideways and leaning into the seat, trying to imagine myself leaning on God’s chest for comfort. I sensed He wanted me to stretch myself full out upon Him, for I was very small compared to His greatness, so I turned again, leaning straight back into my seat The word He gave to me was ”I will hold you and I will heal you. As you lay upon my chest, in My arms you will find rest” This picture of Geoff was like a living image of that promise.

Words for Uganda

The other evening the shapes in the clouds looked to be God’s hands reaching down from the heavens, and surely God’s hand IS on this nation. There is a stirring, a shaking, a hope in the midst of desolation. When God is all there is then God is enough. If anything else is placed above Him, then nothing is enough. He is, as He says in His Word, a jealous God, and He will have no other gods before Him. I believe and I will declare that His favour will rest upon this place.

The heart of Uganda appears in the faces of the children; smiles in the midst of deprivation, laughter rising up from a belly never filled with food enough. Tears of need and tears of sorrow, but joy returning upon the simplest act of kindness.Can we learn to need so little? Our hope could be their hope – to find our strength and joy in Him alone. It is as if they already do so, even those that cannot tell you why.

Oh Uganda, release yourself into His hands. “Pearl of Africa” is what a local billboard called you. Shine with the luster of a pearl polished by the Master’s hand. Shine as a witness to the darkness. Shine in the light of His love that more would be drawn to the light. Blossom and prosper as a sign even to the “first world” nations – “Look what our God can do”

Here I find a stillness. Here I find a peace. Here perhaps I will find a pathway that leads me to the heart of God.