01 February 2013

Go forth with courage

I was surprised today to find many bloggers writing about courage.  Each new post confirmed the words Jesus shared with me this morning in my journalling time:

Yes, I Am leading you
moment by moment
word by word
I choose your conversations
and you, little one, have responded in obedience
even when you did not understand what I was asking

I desire to see you continue 
to use that which I give you to encourage others
My words are powerful
when mixed with your very human touch

This is why I ask you to remain close, attentive
listen for what I would have you say
then go forth with courage

Finding my everything in the vine with Cheryl

1 comment:

Cheryl Smith said...

This is a word God has been speaking to me since December. It's one of my three words for the year. How cool is that? Once again, we're tracking together. Even after a bit of an absence on my part. xoxo