28 May 2019

writing room

sitting on our veranda in Zambia
thinking about new life back in Canada
reading writer's books on writing
dreaming, I jotted down the following:

what do I need in my writing space

  • a window
  • coffee mug - often full
  • water
  • computer
  • pens and highlighters (not sure why if I'm not using paper)
  • journals (answer to above)
  • comfy work chair
  • comfy reading chair
  • favourite bible
  • books
  • dog

in this house, as we settle
no matter how temporary
I have all but the dog

in time, in time

24 May 2019


May draws quickly to an end
the ground is dry, cries
for the nourishment of rain
farmers fret, gardeners
itch to plant, flats of flowers
packets of seed, wait
surely there is a time
for new life

so too my spirit thirsts
for promised refreshment
let it rain, let it pour
soak us again 
until joy overflows

21 May 2019

not even the cyclone

I have questions, wondering 
about what the next months, years will hold
and the One Who has the answers
gently speaks

Be still
yes, even in the storm
even in the rushing wind
abide in Me
and the cyclone cannot remove you
from My hand
only you, little one
can choose to walk out of My hand
and into the maelstrom
Remain in the place of safety
even if the world is banging on the door
your refuge is wherever I Am
and I Am everywhere
and always.
Come. Stay. 

19 May 2019


day had come
but the moon hung strong
in the western sky
the new coming
before the old surrenders

we stop here to breathe
in the middle
while the changes cross
behind and before us

17 May 2019

budding new

beauty lives in the fading
as edges begin the slow 
curl, hiding brown decay
full glory has passed

but here, waiting
life is budding fresh
as the cycle continues

so too must I trust
the new thing
that will outshine the old
while my frayed edges
crumble in the breeze

16 May 2019

extended light

the horizon cracks early
light splinters, spills
evenings extend long
as the sun tarries
unwilling to retire

I am misled
by years of the equality
of African days and nights
unable to read the hours

dinners are late
as we too,unwilling
to miss a moment
soak in the fullness of time

13 May 2019

little things

It is the first days of our return
to rural Canada
a mix of jet lag, laughter
hugs, tears, confusion
and lack of words

yesterday our prodigal suitcases
six large bags, all we could carry
made their way home
exhausted as we unpacked
we rejoiced that nothing was lost

today we opened
the few boxes we had left here
what joy to be reunited
with familiar treasures
a quilt, jewellery box
baking pans

it is little things that lift us
and little things that trip us
and there is One standing strong
calm, all knowing
in the middle of it all

I am returning
to His feet

10 May 2019

ever in place

the page has turned
we have arrived back in Canada
as I try to breathe
in the strangeness this morning
the Lord was waiting for me
before I could pick up my pen

if you know you are in Me
in My hands
then even in the rapid fire changes
you need not feel out of place

you are where I have you and hold you

in Africa, In Canada, anywhere
your home is in Me
stay here, do not move
without Me

where could you find more safety
or more peace?

Dwell in Me, and I will dwell in you. 
[Live in Me, and I will live in you.] 
Just as no branch can bear fruit of itself 
without abiding in (being vitally united to) the vine, 
neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in Me.

08 May 2019

tears soften the view

through the blur of tears
there is the rainbow promise
time to move on
farewell Africa
Canada - here we come.

04 May 2019

red footprints

in 2007, the door swung wide
for us to first step into Uganda
onto Africa's red dirt, warned 
how profoundly we would be 
changed, and we were

it took seven years to return
not to Uganda, but Zambia 
and in Malawi, our hearts 
found home

our future, never certain
is solid as air, God's plans
always a mystery, our feet 
will soon leave the continent
but long the dust will linger
in our hearts

Many plans are in a man’s mind, 
but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.