17 February 2013


You’re blessed when you care. 
At the moment of being ‘care-full,’ 
you find yourselves cared for. 
Matthew 5:7 The Message

singing in Deidra's Sunday choir



Maureen said...

I like this. My tendency would be to think of "full of cares" as worried, tense...this gives a whole new meaning. Love your subtitle, too, about singing in the choir with Deidra - made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Good words and photo.

Jennifer Dougan said...


What a cute name. :) Thank you for stopping by my post "The Radical Choices After 'I Do'"

What a lovely winter scene here. I was caught too by your photos of Africa or Haiti. Tell me more. :)

May your week be wonderful.

Jennifer Dougan

elizabeth said...

Sweet photo and an awesome version of that verse!

caryjo said...

Being blessed when we "care" is a true God-gift. Thanks for the reminder, the encouragement.

Kim Fernando said...

I always enjoy your Sunday posts (even when I'm late to read them!). That is a beautiful picture. I hadn't read that translation before.