21 April 2019


He is alive
and the world
is forever changed
 He is not here; he has risen, just as he said
Matthew 28:6a NIV

repost from 2015

20 April 2019

as we wonder

the day in-between
deep despair
and sparkling glory
has an unexpected weight
this year, a living portrait
of the season we have inhabited

the past behind us
the future not yet reachable
we linger here
in wonder
as we wonder

19 April 2019

never dimmed

Now from the sixth hour (noon) 
there was darkness over all the land 
until the ninth hour (three o’clock).

It is Friday
that Friday
darkness falls
yet there is light
that is never dimmed
that will not be overcome
that will rise from the grave

we are bearers, carriers
containers for that light
the empty place in which He dwells
thin as eggshells on the cusp of cracking
Sunday is coming

17 April 2019

indeed a promise

there is indeed
a promise made
a covenant held
even if our minds
squint to see
God is no less 
God when we can't 
feel Him
as we struggle
to grasp what we
cannot know
but choose over
all, to believe

we watched the rainbow
fade, cameras
trying to capture
fleeting beauty
as the rains returned

15 April 2019

fingers wide

the sorting, sifting
shifting perspective continues
and in the jumble, the crumbled
dreams, the ragged edges
tiny tasty bits, too precious
to discard 
where then, to hold 
these treasures 
what release will be
required next?
my hands willed open
fingers spread wide
in a stubborn "yes"

14 April 2019

Sunday begins

I can only lay myself 
down, nothing left 
but to cry Hosanna
save me
and He comes
and He comes
and He comes
the humble One
the holy One
the only One
hail to our King

so begins a week
of passion, purpose
pain and glory

and He comes
blessed is He

So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Him. 
And as they went, they kept shouting, Hosanna! 
Blessed is He and praise to Him Who comes in the name of the Lord, 
even the King of Israel!

11 April 2019

cracks in thin air

light, lace, life
cracks in thin air
something hushed
but stirring
past mingles with not yet
what was, is, will be
inhale spice melange, savoury
and sweet
here I feel old, connected
to something unknown
shadowed secrets
then touches now
in the breeze

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