02 February 2013

We need silence

We need silence in our lives. We even desire it. 
But when we enter into silence 
we encounter a lot of inner noises, often so disturbing 
that a busy and distracting life 
seems preferable to a time of silence. 
Two disturbing "noises" present themselves quickly in our silence:
the noise of lust and the noise of anger. 
Lust reveals our many unsatisfied needs, 
anger our many unresolved relationships. 
But lust and anger are very hard to face.
Henri Nouwen

I have indeed had much time for stillness this week 
yet have needed to carve out space for silence
Henri is right, so right.  
The inner voices often shout much louder than the world.

quiet in the stillness with Sandy



Anonymous said...

the soft inner voice
is much better than the
loud inner voices
for sure

Lisa said...

This sage theologian brought so much wisdom.
I also find that repeating scripture, favored verses or Christ's promises, until the the mental voices cease and the Holy voice pierces the din, brings peace.

caryjo said...

Silence in my life ... if put in place by the Lord ... is one thing I could adjust to. If not from Him, but only from ME "hiding" away from the challenging stuff on my plate ... THEN I must NOT be silent. [And I'm known for my noisiness, more than for my silentness ... are you sure you want me to visit you???]