24 January 2017

horizons dreaming

My friends at tweetspeak poetry put forth a prompt, a challenge, and I bit

"Form It is a prompt that focuses on exploring our topic through form poetry. 
This time, we’re going to “form” horizons"

I chose the acrostic form, feeling it ran contrary to the horizon
 I was thinking of a cold climate phenomenon called sun dogs 
vertical rainbow lines formed in frozen skies

halfway across the world
outside the realm of normal
rising vertical
inspiring awe, breath caught
zipper up and down the sky
opportunity to change your point of view
never fear the sea change
singing something new is on the way

then I thought I'd dare another
double acrostic
horizons dreaming

hardened against the wind
open nature’s door
rising vertical line
inspired but without camera
zealous to form
opinions of the Creator, I
need to welcome in
secrets beyond sharing

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