16 December 2019

the melody

my muscles, joints
do not agree with the cold
every fibre aching
as I cried out
this is how the Lord responded

when the pain sings
listen to the melody
and find Me there
in the low notes
the long wails
staccato beat

you will hear My voice
draw your strength
from My presence

do not allow the pain
to speak words of exclusion
or disqualification

you are always welcome
in the secret place

come away
abide in Me

09 December 2019

season change

multiple trips to the yard
now frosted, Kona the puppy
quickly self-trained
but her whimpers at the door
call for quick response

cold settles in to the deepest
pain in my bones
still, I can appreciate
beauty, snow burdened branches
painted skies
and the hush
of a season that comes
wanted or not