21 June 2019


the glory of pink, bright
bold or muted
shedding joy, without
conscious thought
contagious, breaking 
the pain of the day
shouting life

17 June 2019


summer teases, laughing
joyous colour riot
life explodes
then stills
cool winds fall
farmers fret
and I, unaccustomed
to such weather
drape a shawl
around aching bones
believing surely one day
soon, heat will come

11 June 2019

not nomads

hours run into days
days into weeks
we move along, driven
by rhythms uncountable

surely it is time
to settle, pause
end these nomadic seasons
yet the Lord reminds me

your true home is in Me
but I do give your earthly body
a place to settle
a base of operations
a centre from which to reach out
your most important job is love
before all, in all and above all
love Me first
without Me you will not have
the ability or capacity
to love those I place before you
allow My love to work through you

05 June 2019

awake with me

sleepy morning
after a night of discomfort
coffee steaming in my hand
I listened for words from the Lord

I Am with you in your pain, never are you alone
the aching in the dark, when the world sleeps?
I Am awake with you.
My promise is true to never leave or forsake you
even when you don't understand, or believe
and cry out "where are you?"
Here, always, knowing what I know.

Be still, little one, give Me the pain.
It's what I can bear when you cannot.