30 November 2014

life upside down

work in the fields
continues here
in plus 30C 
sizzling sunshine
praying to plant
before the rains

news from home
speaks snow
cold knocking bitter
as winter proclaims itself

life for us
is upside down
much the same
as Jesus preached
His Kingdom was
is, will be

then we are right in His midst


22 November 2014

Saturday road trip

road trip Saturday
to a village we're reaching out in
about one hour away
on red rutted roads
that may soon be impassable
when the rains come
in earnest

the area is Yao
and to be born Yao
is to be born Muslim
even if they don't understand
what that means

but children
are children
hamming it up for the camera
wanting a bit of attention
affection, love

love is what He has given us
love is what we can share

Freely you have received; freely give


17 November 2014

lazy in the heat

Malawi heat
sun baked
the day feels slow
lazy, but work continues
the boys, Jonty and Bruce
have it figured out
naptime all the time


16 November 2014

Three in One

I am working through a book gifted to me by my Discipleship Training mentor called The Path of Celtic Prayer.  In the first lesson on praying Trinity prayers the assignment was to write poetic prayers of our own.

Glorious Father, Three in One, Holy Trinity

Today I am Yours
surrendered and submitted
to all You have planned
may the fullness of Your desire
unfold from sunrise to sunset

To You, Holy Father 
I promise to worship
all that You are
and all that You created
sun, moon and stars
the Heavenly Host
designed by Your hand
and everything that has breath

To You, Holy Son, my Lord and King
I promise to ponder Your great love
so vast that sacrificed all
for me, even if it had been only for me
May my heart be eager for reunion
to gaze into Your eyes
and walk by Your side
alive and abiding in You

To You, precious Holy Spirit
I promise to listen
as You whisper in the wind
strumming ever so gently
the strings of my heart
reminding me of all that is holy
all that is true
blowing away the chaff



10 November 2014

east to west

Malawi in the morning

and at day's end

there is glory

 Blessed be the name of the Lord 
from this time forth and forever
 From the rising of the sun 
to the going down of it 
and from east to west, 
the name of the Lord is to be praised!
The Lord is high above all nations,
and His glory above the heavens!

04 November 2014


breathing room
and beauty
this afternoon
before leaving in the morning
for Malawi

03 November 2014


and who can say
there is no God?

last sunset at the Zambia training base
off to Lusaka today
spending tonight at missionary guest house

tomorrow ---MALAWI