22 February 2013

He Is enough

It's all around me.
people walking through pain and discontent
hearts broken, bleeding, filling with confusion.
desperate, lonely, frightened
grasping for something
and finding only air

So many times the past few weeks
I have heard the same refrain

I have nothing, nothing at all, nothing but Jesus

and I recall words I wrote when I was surrounded by the poverty of Uganda
looking at smiles that gleamed as spirits thrived

When God is all there is then God is enough. 
If anything else is placed above Him, then nothing is enough. 
He is, as He says in His Word, a jealous God, 
and He will have no other gods before Him. 

I find myself in prayer,weeping
yet even then rejoicing
for all those who have nothing left
for I know Jesus Is there
arms open, waiting
and He Is enough

jumping late into the jam with Bonnie where the word is Jesus



Anonymous said...

thank you for your prayers and kindness.

Courtney said...

I'm jumping in late to the Faith Jam, too, and finding myself linked up right next to you. This is beautiful poetry, whispering exactly the words I need to hear in the hard days: When I've nothing but Jesus, I have everything. HE IS ENOUGH. Yes. YES. Breathing this in and thanking Him for you. Grace to you, Friend, on your journey with God.