21 May 2017

Who is a woman of God?

Who is a woman of God?
His daughter, Jesus sister, temple
of the Holy Spirit
she is a walking, breathing container
of the mysterious Trinity
worth so much more than jewels

Who is a woman of God?
she works hard, cries harder
and loves with all of her being
she is filled with prayer, power
and praise
she is chosen, called and set apart
she is friend, wife and mother

Who is a woman of God?
she was pulled from the flesh of Adam
carrying the breath of her Creator
she is both fragile and strong
roots growing deep
love growing deeper
she is reliable, dependable
she laughs loud and weeps in silence

Who is a woman of God?
she is ready to serve, sacrifice
carry the burdens of nations
a woman of wisdom
a woman of worship
a creature so valuable
that Jesus shed His blood to save her

Who is a woman of God?
she is behind you, before you
right beside you and inside you
it takes only minutes to meet her
and a lifetime to know her
and all that God has birthed within her
she is you, she is me
she is your daughter, your auntie
your sister, your cousin

Who is a woman of God?
she is the old one who lives down the road
the young one that wanders the streets
the one who gives her last crumb to feed you
while she aches with a hunger she will never confess
she is from the north, south, east or west
Asian, Latin, African
skin of white, olive or black

Who is a woman of God?
she is clothed in rags or splendour
while she awaits her robe of righteousness
pure, spotless, no more wrinkles
she is the apple of His eye,
from before time until eternity
holding on to the mysterious promise
of the One Who claims her as His bride
beloved forever
with Him, she was, she is, and ever will be
blessed to be a blessing

Who is a woman of God?
you, and you, and you
and me.

one voice for One

I stand before you, a sample
of the power
of The Creator
to shape from nothing
what He chooses, for His pleasure
I stand before you
hand painted
sealed, stamped with His name
like you, and you, and you
marked with intricate detail
arms, legs, hearts beating wild
perfect in our imperfections
eyes, ears, voice
His voice, is in you, is in me
but the rhythm, the tempo, the tune
mid-air suspended, was not intended
to sound the same, no
don’t sell yourself
don’t sell Him short
the One Who’s designs
are never duplicated, replicated
or mass produced
no instant replays, reruns or counterfeits 
no simulations, imitations or forgeries
but unique, set apart, only one
for the Only One