14 July 2017

ministry morning

I was excited to once again be gathering with the women at the community widow’s centre, ready to worship with them and share words of encouragement.  We had not been there for quite some time, but they welcomed us warmly, remembering us.

I spoke about how big our God is, beyond our wildest imagination; His thoughts higher than ours, able to do all things. I wanted them to understand, I want myself to understand, how that same God, vast as He Is, has chosen to dwell in us. How can we not be humbled, brought low in wonder and praise?

My words were met with smiles, nods and “amens.” I was not expecting the words spoken after mine. One of the centre leaders explained to the women that this was a special day ordained by God, a day to open their hearts and share their struggles Why wait until they are alone at night to pour out tears on their pillows? We had come, and we would listen, we would care and we would pray.

One by one, the women came, trusting God to speak to us. One by one, with my heart broken, I held their trembling hands and listened, to them and to the Holy Spirit. Each one had a tale of frustration; with family, finances, health and more.  The kingdom of darkness is running wild, kicking hard, and creating disorder that was stealing the peace of all. We declared health, wholeness and victory. We asked in faith “Lord, glorify Your name.”

Our first home visit revealed the deeply embedded lack of proper medical care. We were greeted by a young mother, tightly holding a small girl child who looked no older than two. Her eyes would not focus and she didn’t respond to claps or whistles. She just passed her sixth birthday! Doctors at clinics and the hospital have examined her and have claimed that she is well, no problems. No exams are needed for us to recognise that this child is not well at all, indeed likely suffering with a variety of problems; not the least of these is her failure to develop normally. We prayed and suggested a consultation with a local ministry to the disabled. Perhaps working hand in hand the life of this little one and her mother will begin to thrive.

Just another Zambian morning, like so many others, filled with unanswered questions; but also drenched in an ever growing reliance on the only One Who answers all. Leaning hard on Him, is, I believe, the very best place to be.

10 July 2017

what my spirit hears

can you hear
the sound of a mother’s tears or
the wail of a young wife left homeless
her husband newly dedicated to the ground?

can you hear
the stretch and strain of nations 
as they attempt to birth themselves
raging against the darkness?

can you hear
the flap of wings not fully formed
desperately unable to fly
breathing thunder
in a silent roar?

have you listened?
can you hear?

09 July 2017

morning words

some early morning words from my Father
as I sat in silence this morning

it was never about you anyway
so what you can
or cannot do
matters not at all

it is only in the willingness
the sacrifice
the giving over
that I rule and reign
and have My way

worry not, little one
just remain close
heart open

I know you are broken
but also wholly Mine
that is what I use

03 July 2017

not enough tears

there comes a time
when there are not
words enough
when there are not
tears enough
when my heart forgets to beat
and my lungs don't remember
how to breathe

standing or falling
in silent prayers
to save a life
to see the end
of other lives needlessly
ending too soon

living here, in a place
where a hospital
is considered a place to die
not a place to heal

and in my aching
in my weak and trembling flesh
the Lord is speaking 
something new
an urging, a summons
a call to action

wake up Zambia
arise in the shining light
grab hold hard
to these lives too precious
to simply slip away

please pray for our dear friend
balanced on the edge of here and gone
pray harder for the others
the multitudes
who lay dying in beds of neglect

ask our God
to be God
in ways only He can
believe that our friend will declare:

The strong right arm of the Lord is raised in triumph.
    The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things!
 I will not die; instead, I will live
    to tell what the Lord has done.
Psalm 118:16-17 NLT