12 February 2013

after taste

I have no talent
for delicacy
my cakes are sugar coated
not my opinions
I am better built to mince meat
than words
my feet are long, heavy
you know I never could walk
on eggshells
without leaving a trail 
of destruction
so I crack with intention
whisking in fresh air
adding leaven, spice, sweet
the resulting treat
has substance
layered perhaps with contradictions
but genuine
with the lingering after taste
of truth

Hanging out at the pub for Open Link Night



Brian Miller said...

ha we are not much different...i tend to speak my mind in life...and sometimes that hurts...i have tempered it a bit with age actually...and a little intentionality...smiles.

Anonymous said...

I like to speak my mind too... on important issues... I love the treading on egg shells and whisking spice in the air to come back to tasting the truth.

Jody Lee Collins said...

Karin--what a great recitation of a 'recipe'!

Aria said...

ooo...I love this. Some of us definately season our cooking more than our words, but...I think you seasoned this, perfectly.

Aria said...
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Elizabeth Dianne said...

Very clever and I think you said a mouthful!

kelvin s.m. said...

...deliciously baked... aww... smiles...

diana said...

this is just fabulous, Karin. Fun - and insightful. Thank you!!!

Heidi said...

Funny title and clever use of food and speaking your mind.

Tammy@Fear Not said...

I'm so glad I popped in over here from my blog reader. Wow. I was just talking to a good friend this week about this VERY thing. And how her and I are both more of a "mince meat" kinda gals and how that tends to push others away (at times). But you said it so much more beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very clever and enjoyable self-analysis. Well done.

Lisa notes... said...

"so I crack with intention"

and you're making me hungry too. :-)

lucychili said...

baking has a delicacy to it too. and is a constructive breaking. =)