28 February 2017

Ode to my mosquito net

Ode to my mosquito net

metres of white, soft billows fold
bright against incoming dark
how many secrets do you hold
in your protective embrace
mosquitoes cannot penetrate
your life given up for me
you never rest or hesitate
to foil invasive attempts

what can I offer back to you
worthy of your sacrifice
night after night you remain true
hour by hour on guard you wait
no words of gratitude spoken
by the one you humbly serve
isn’t your cotton heart broken
by such total disregard

so now I’ll lift my voice in praise
to you, of you, for you friend
songs of thanksgiving I’ll raise
never will it be enough
for all you’ve done, will ever do
for me the vain receiver
allowed to sleep the long night through
while you, your dreams never come

24 February 2017

if I were

if I were to ask you
what flows through your veins, ice or fire
if I were the gambling sort
I’d bet on both, and then inquire

if I were less certain
that your erratic heart sings, wild
unmarkable rhythms, spark this inner child

if I were bold
if I were free
I would cast off chains, set sail
invite you to my sea

if I were to venture 
being thought a fool, unguarded
words could take wing
to finish what I’ve started

if I were, yes, 
if I were, the sneaky smile, the wink
indeed,  I am
I think