11 January 2011

He Who mends

Tilted heart made of lots of jigsaw puzzle pieces

I was thinking about today's word broken as I sat down this morning with my journal and the Lord and so I share below what He said, much more clearly than I ever could have:

I have created you to be whole and complete - but you live in a broken world.  Because of this your heart splinters and cracks and feels as if it falls to pieces.

When you attempt to reassemble things on your own it seems like an unsolvable jigsaw and even when you seem to succeed there are always cracks remaining between the pieces.

Ask and wait for Me - for I do know best how to repair what has been broken - as the Creator of the original.  I know the design - each curve and bend and when I have finished I seal each crack, smooth each edge.

I Am the Healer, The Restorer, the MasterCraftsman.

What has been mended by your own hands will forever be broken again and your efforts will always be fixed on gathering the scattered fragments.

Come, fix your eyes on Me, not on your own brokeness.
Fix your thoughts on Me, not the sadness and dysfunction that surrounds you.
Fix your ears on Me, not the sounds of the world.

And as your worship, by My hand, not yours - wholeness will be restored.

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Glynn said...

I like the image of us being the clay - the pot -- the vessel he uses. And the potter works best when the pot is broken and knows it. Good post.

Anonymous said...

He loves us so much. Beautiful post, Karin. Thank you.

Duane Scott said...

I feel this love today.

Helen said...

Lately God has pushed me to recognize that I'm cluttered. My house, my mind, my heart... He says there is no room for what He wants for me...
Not quite the same as broken, but your most made me think of it.

Scott Couchenour said...

2 words stuck out to me as I read your post (and in this specific order):


I want to rush to repair the brokenness in me and in others. I will wait on the Great Repairer.

Nice post.

Bev said...

holy cow, god said that to you??!! and he meant for me to read it, for sure...
thank you karin!

Angel @ Finding The Inspiring said...

Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in sharing these words for us to read. I needed this today. So good to be reminded that God can and does heal the broken. Blessings to you!

Lisa notes... said...

"Fix your eyes on me, not the brokenness."
What wonderful advice. I am trying to do that more often this year. Thanks for the reminder.

Melissa said...

Beautiful post! When the Lord speaks there is peace and healing. I feel Him here. Thank you so much for sharing His precious words to you. :)

S. Etole said...

His ways are so much better than ours ...

A Joyful Noise said...

I like the way you used the word, "FIX" and ended with Fix your eyes on Jesus. Truely all our self efforts are fruitless but He can FIX us completely.

(I am # 9 in this One Word Broken) My HTML will probably take you to my recent posts.

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