27 January 2011

Freeze thaw

I alternate through moments:

Frozen, then fluid, the heat of passion melting my defenses.

The sound of the inner critic screaming, harmonizing with the enemy of my soul is all at once firmly silenced by the voice of the One Who knows me best, Who created me for His own.

Words tumble forth unhindered and I rejoice in their freedom until a thought, an inner glance creates a log jam and things pile up and up and up until nothing moves at all.

This is where I am now, the freeze before the thaw.

Every bit of me trembling.

There is fruit to bear, ripe enough, let juices trickle down.

I pray to find my voice, ice covered chords to call out to the One Who Is my hope, notes crystalized, pure in their confession of need. 

In Him, I am all things, without Him, nothing.


He has a reason for it all.

And now, Lord, what do I wait for and expect? My hope and expectation are in You. Psalm 39:7 Amplified

sharing with Emily and the rest as we acknowledge our broken imperfections

and jamming with Bonnie The Faith Barista


Bev said...

yes, i know this well...

Heidi said...

I really enjoyed this... just lovely. I used that same verse on my post :)

J said...

I feel we must be of the same mind...the absolute insistence to rely on The Lord no matter what. I could relate to the message in your words and they lifted me up today. May God richly bless your day. :o)

Melissa_Rae said...

I feel like you wrote this post for me, voicing my thoughts and feelings. I too am in a freeze; knowing that I have fruit to bear and that a thaw is ahead. This is lovely!!

emily wierenga said...

there is such peace in this... i find myself resting in the arms of your words. knowing, there are seasons... and he will take care of us, if only we trust. in the freezing and thawing... beautiful.

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