26 August 2019

Overcomer - a review

I was blessed to view an advance screening of Overcomer, the new film by the Kendrick brothers.

The outer shell of the story is about high school sports: a coach, football players, a young female runner and their families. But the deeper story that weaves through the entire film is about where each one finds their identity. 

As one who has learned the lesson of needing to find my identity in Christ, I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the movie.

Those who found Fireproof, Courageous and other Kendrick films a bit heavy handed with their sharing of faith will probably stumble over the same here. I would hope however that people can watch this with open minds and open hearts, allowing the truth of the message to touch them.

Screening link has been provided courtesy of Sony Entertainment Releasing Canada and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

21 August 2019

ever a door

there is ever a door
ahead, open
or closed, asking
what will we do here?

will we stand, stubborn
afraid to knock
or touch, or push

will we crawl under, squeeze
through, jump high
hurdling over

will we peek through
and uncertain
turn to face another door
another time, another place
there is ever a door ahead

Strive to enter by the narrow door
[force yourselves through it], 
for many, I tell you, will try to enter 
and will not be able.

19 August 2019

thick clouds

friends dear to us
have had their hearts exploded by tragic loss
clouds dark have settled over us all

in my quiet time with the Lord this morning
He spoke these words

in Africa funeral houses fill with wailing cries
this, when there are no words
they do not fear the depth of mourning

this makes sense to you now
your people, your village is shaken
I hear cries that they think they should suppress

there is no need, no reason 
to be strong
I Am the strength for all

stand together in your weakness

those who already have answers
did not hear them from Me

29 July 2019

around the curve

I have been frozen in my brokenness
dry, splintered, fragile
the road ahead and behind
rocky, rutted, slippery
hard to see signposts
in clouds of dust
my steps are small, painful
both in body and heart
yet surely the refreshing
the eruption of new life
is waiting, ever waiting
just around the next curve

For I will [fully] satisfy the weary soul, 
and I will replenish every languishing and sorrowful person.

13 July 2019

short hop

travel day
that's usually tiring to even think about
but this is a short hop
mere hours
not the multiple days
to or from Africa

no meals or movies
no free snacks

2-1/2 hours for our first flight
1 hour for the next

as always
we're in His clouds
in His hands

no better place

10 July 2019

slow to change

the seasons are slow to change
this year, uncertain
samples of heat, retreat
as cool returns
two weeks into July
and summer has no foothold

this blood, thinned
by African years, shivers
I see the shrugs, hear
the snickers, loud
from those already awash
in sweat and complaints

leaves me wondering
will I ever be warm
will I ever be home

03 July 2019


there's a leak in the water line on our street
water is shut off until the problem can be solved
this morning the heavy equipment rolled in

sometimes the only way to fix an issue
is to excavate, dig deep
a noisy, dirty process
exposing hidden things
buried so long ago
you don't remember
would prefer to forget, but
there is no longer any choice
if you want to stop the bleeding

the only way to healing
is down, opening new paths
to freedom