15 February 2021

13 January 2020

no excuses left

a dog for my feet
under the desk I listed as a need
laptop, coffee, water
Bible, journals, highlighters and pens
a good chair for my aching back
sun through the window
even on this cold winter's day
I have feathered my nest

my excuses have vanished
and yet....

words play hide and seek
just a breath away

patience, He whispers

16 December 2019

the melody

my muscles, joints
do not agree with the cold
every fibre aching
as I cried out
this is how the Lord responded

when the pain sings
listen to the melody
and find Me there
in the low notes
the long wails
staccato beat

you will hear My voice
draw your strength
from My presence

do not allow the pain
to speak words of exclusion
or disqualification

you are always welcome
in the secret place

come away
abide in Me

09 December 2019

season change

multiple trips to the yard
now frosted, Kona the puppy
quickly self-trained
but her whimpers at the door
call for quick response

cold settles in to the deepest
pain in my bones
still, I can appreciate
beauty, snow burdened branches
painted skies
and the hush
of a season that comes
wanted or not

04 November 2019

Kona finds a home

today is the last day these walls
will be merely a house
tomorrow our long awaited addition
will transform our living space
into a true home
as our now eight week old puppy
completes our family

we have food, treats, toys
blankets, collar and leash
a crate for her to snuggle in to
and spaces in our hearts
that she will soon fill to overflowing

meet Kona
and stay tuned for updates
as she grows into herself

25 October 2019

a finger on it

I can't quite put a finger on it
to quote an old cliche
I carry the emotions
given to me, full force by my Creator
often swept away
cresting waves then
crashing, gulping water instead 
of air, my head submerged
He gives me hills
and valleys, both
to  be savoured

physical pain, shifts
surprising me, in new 
locations, disguises
tones and echos, almost
symphonic in fullness
always its finger on me
unrelenting grip, does this
hurt? how about here?

He gives me hills 
and valleys, both
but dwells with me
up there and down here

 Fear not [there is nothing to fear], for I am with you; 
do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; 
yes, I will hold you up and retain you 
with My [victorious] right hand of rightness and justice.

09 October 2019

too too soon

the beginning of 2014
January through April, perhaps a bit of May
winter slipped under the doors
painted pictures on the windows
while we were lost in dreams
of a life hotter, fuller in Africa
and in August that same year
we left the prairies below us as we flew away
there were visits back
2016, 2018 but always summer
never did I miss the ice
the bitter winds
or the snow, no
not at all
yet, today I find myself here
the sky dull
constant cloud cover 
dripping rain and yes,
snow,  early October
shivering deep beneath my skin
winter hardly begun
the long season of fleece
down, woolly socks and hot tea
is upon me and the thought
of hibernation tantalizes
new snow tires on the vehicle
but oh, if I had my way
I'd remain inside
until Spring's thaw
months and months from here