24 May 2018

lake life

we are surrounded
hemmed in
hushed by His creation
every wave
shimmer on still water
sun streams
and clouds rolling in
reflect His glory

we breathe Him in
true life

19 May 2018

who can deny

new and glorious
each and every day
fresh hope, mercy
and promise

who can deny
the work of His hand?

08 April 2018

His chosen

My Father said, as I sat in silence:

I have called you
and set you apart
and you not longer "fit"
in the world around you, no
not even the "Christian" wrld
for many call themselves by My name
but their hearts are far from Me

I know you feel the distance
and discomfort
you do not "fit in"
your edges are rubbed raw

allow Me to soothe and smooth
the rough places
but do not expect that to make you
a better fit
you are odd by design
by My hand
for My purposes
in My Kingdom

the world also did not welcome Me
but you carry My message
for this you were chosen

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood,
 a holy nation, God’s own people, 
that you may declare the wonderful deeds of him 
who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

16 March 2018

Get that

Yesterday morning, in a quiet time during corporate prayer, we were told to ask the Lord about His great love for us. His words came quickly...

I love you. I want you to "get that"
finally, fully understanding
because I said it, and I mean it and you can trust it
then - MOVE ON

I want you to know
so that you need no longer waste time pondering
Then I will be able to move 
and use you as I will
Then you can move to My heartbeat
There is so much we need to do.

01 March 2018

do not yet I do

a morning rebuke from my Lord:

how many times have I told you "fear not"?
how often need I remind you "do not worry"?
yet you worry still
you ponder and calculate and fret
and all of this you do without Me
for when you come
the relaxation is almost immediate

"Do not worry about tomorrow"
but you worry
about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
what if? if then? and then?
trails of possibilities that may never come to be

do you know the future?
I do!
I Am solid and sure and worthy of your trust

let go of all the rest

So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, 
for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. 
Sufficient for each day is its own trouble. 

27 February 2018

a place prepared

mornings start best with silence
words this morning as I sought His counsel

Allow your affliction to drive you
not to despair but to My side

There is a place prepared for you alone
to find comfort, refreshing and peace
to re-energize and so return to the battle stronger

Come for courage to this place
the place of abiding
the place you need never leave

13 February 2018

words from Father

I have been intentional about listening, with a growing urgency
knowing that His voice is what I am desperate for
we can not make a move without Him

If I have chosen you as My vessel
may I not use you as I will?
If you allow Me
you will be used 
in ways you never would have expected
Simply say "here I am Lord"
and you will be surprised at what I do

This will be new land
redeemed and restored
Cleansing may be painful
but the rewards are great

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