14 January 2011


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Environment Canada predicted
only 5 centimeters of snow
a mere 2 inches
more or less
but who ever trusts
a forecast?

The falling was scattered
light, continuous
sun muffled
clouded skies
an appropriate backdrop
for the funeral
I set out to attend.

(I can't, in fact, recall any funeral days that have been bright.  As if God Himself weeps in loss)

I myself am not grieving
but intended my presence to be
a sign of support for a friend
a family
who will miss their mother
no matter how expected
was her passing.

I wished to be obedient to the Word
that speaks of compassion

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn Romans 12:15 NIV

I set out
down our country lane
where even such scant accumulation
created havoc with my vision
and unable to discern
what was road or field
my progress was tentative.

Empathy drove me forward
nervously to the highway
where wisdom
prevailed and turned me back
toward home.

Snowblind, I prayed
that the God of all comfort
would grant peace
to those who gathered
and arriving safely
in our yard
took a long, deep swallow
of that comfort for myself.

1 comment:

Alex Marestaing said...

A poet is able to see the art in every situation, thanks for sharing what you saw on that day. Like on your snowblind day, sometimes we have to love from a distance and let God provide the comfort to the hurting.

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