15 January 2011

And the winner is ----

There were many page views but only 5 comments entered for my giveaway of a new copy of the compelling novel Priceless written by Tom Davis.

The answers to the questions I asked can be found at She is Priceless - please click over and look around, allowing the Lord to speak to your heart about the issue of human trafficking.

  1. How many children are trafficked every year?  1.2 Million
  2. Every ______ minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation?  2
  3. How many times each day is the average victim forced to have sex? 40
  4. What is the average age of a trafficked victim? 14 
I entered the range of 1-5 into the integer generator at random.org and am pleased to report that the winner is:

#2 the comment left by Kari Anderson. 

Congratulations Kari, I'll get the book to you right away.


~Brenda said...

Congrats, Kari!!!

Kari Anderson said...

Woo hoo! Thanks. I am looking forward to an interesting, thought provoking, heart wrenching kind of read.

~*Michelle*~ said...


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