04 January 2011

A poet's New Year

The year
newborn, fresh
seems to contain
trails to blaze.

Words ripe, dripping
cry out
for the plucking
sweet juices flow
like life sustaining
to the permanance
of paper.

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Alida Sharp said...

What great imagery...words ripe dripping fragrant. I can see it.

Brian Miller said...

let those juicesflow on teh new years canvas

Unknown said...

Let it flow Sista! Expecting wonderful words to come form the Master through you...blessings!

Ann Kroeker said...

Yummy. I like phrase after phrase:

"Words ripe, dripping/fragrant"

"cry out/for the plucking"

"like life sustaining/blood/to the permanence/of paper."

Well, that's pretty much the whole poem I just excerpted, isn't it? :)

David Rupert said...

"Ripe words" I love that image

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and a very hopeful outlook on a new year full of writing!

Heather said...

Beautiful poem. The second stanza is stunning. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Steve Isaak said...

Good, vivid imagery abounds in an excellent, short piece.