Who is HisFireFly?

I am:

a handmaiden of the Lord
saved by His grace
a worshipper
a poet
a broken heart
a lover of words
hungry for truth
amazed by love
on the Potter's wheel
His work in progress

I am:

a sold out disciple of Jesus Christ
learning more each day what it means to abide in Him
I desire to walk in radical obedience to His voice 
I pray that my life brings glory
to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

My beloved husband Rick and I live in rural Manitoba with our dog Faith and sometimes various barn cats on 20 beautiful acres the Lord has provided for us.

God has blessed me with a life beyond anything I could have imagined during the first forty-three years of my life lived without Jesus in the urban desert of the Chicago area.

Our hearts were apprehended in Uganda and forever changed.  Our life plan includes following God's leading to return to Africa, devoted to His work long term.

You are welcome to come along as I attempt to share what I learn along the way....


a joyful noise said...

A lifetime without Jesus -- and then you found HIM. Amazing and beautiful how God seeks and finds!

Joyful said...

Amazing story of grace and redemption. I love that God has called you to Africa. A place of my dreams. God bless.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

... a season of seasoning ...

Aye-yi-yi, and what a season THAT is, Karen! Yes?

And with wonderful results, as the seasoning simmers ...

Shark Bait said...

Gotta love anything that takes you to Africa.

(Proudly African, all the way)

steveroni said...

May God continue to bless you and Rick on your hiking through the trails of life.

Thank for visiting and commenting o Fourth Dimension.


elizabeth said...

always love finding another 'lover of words'! thanks for sharing yours so beautifully!

Simply Beth said...

I'm not sure what took me so long to come by here to get to know you a little better. Bless you and your husband. I'm so glad God led me a little further today.

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful heart and voice, sweet Karin. You know, Jesus was with you all along even when you didn't know Him yet. He never left your side and knew what it would take for you to fall into His love for you. I'm so thankful He captured you and now you get to show others His amazing love.

~flying gurl~ said...

Oh! My heart! I know the desert well! Lifting you up in prayer! I walked away from God after a messy divorce and through brokenness has brought me back 12 years later...and we are getting ready to build our home in Nicaragua. ..the calling the blessing...of Jeaus...