31 May 2011

Abundant rain

Rain falls like
vision blurred
by one more day of
too much
we look for a dry place
how it feels
to thirst
so bloated are we
by excess

will the floods come
washing away
all we know of this life
forgetting yesterday
unable to conceive tomorrow
we live wet
in this moment

vision blurred
to even now

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ayala said...

Rain does fall like tears....forgetting how it feels to thirst...I love this line-wise.

Brian Miller said...

for me this makes me think of the things we pray for...until we get it...and then really dont want it...

Louise said...

Lovely poem.. 'we live wet in this moment'..like rivers of living waters.. :)

Kodjo Deynoo said...

Great piece and we always need that cleansing rain.

Bradley Howington said...

I love this poem a lot! Well written! And rain does fall like tears. :)

The Poet said...

I like the opening lines of this one.

Very nicely done.

Finally said...

"We live wet in this moment." Love this line!

Elizabeth Young said...

Yes, we're truly fat in North America with all we have, sometimes we do forget what it feels like to thirst. Thank you for this poem which lifts our hearts to question once more...

Patricia said...

living wet, with blurred vision, one more day of excess... sad, but true. Good descriptions.

Anonymous said...

"will the floods come
washing away
all we know of this life
forgetting yesterday"

When the trials comes... we are tested. How quickly life can change.

Pat Hatt said...

Yes careful what you wish for
As when you get it you don't want it anymore
Plus rain can help was things away
Except when it does it every single day
Then it can just annoy
And no longer be a joy
But your write was great
Like what you served up on your plate

Unknown said...

Awesome piece, I absolutely loved it. Reading it slow or reading it rapid fire succession, works either way and just such a nice and wonderful flow to it. Thanks so much for sharing:)

p.s. Just wondering, in your main site picture, what kind of dog is that, I'm thinking Chow, but can't really tell-anyhow just curious, thanks again for a lovely piece:)

HopeUnbroken said...

lovely piece of poetry. so many truths. i could so relate especially as we've had so much rain lately. just made the whole analogy that much stronger. thank you!

Reggie said...

This took me to those who have suffered due to heavy flooding. They have lost so much with only memories to hold.

Very well written.