31 May 2011

Farming words

For this round of the One Word at a Time Carnival, Peter chose the word farm.

I am blessed beyond measure that eleven years ago God chose to relocate me from the urban jungle of the Chicago Metro area to the rural Canadian prairies.  I write often about the beauty I see and the lessons He teaches me here.

We have been playing with wordles at Tweet Speak Poetry, so today I have chosen to create a wordle from my blog posts about farming life.

Wordle: Farming words
Click on image above to enlarge
 And now I take the words from this image to form a new poem:

Another season's
drops on the soil
seeds scatterd
in the abundance
of rain
pray for sun
something like
knowing God
let go
of fear

Join in the sharing at Peter Pollock's - talking about the word farm.


Lisa notes... said...

I love wordles. Your poem is a lovely connection between "farm" and God.

Anna said...

Love your farm photos above. Your poem describes well the hard work involved and then trusting God for the outcome.

a joyful noise said...

Your poem portrays that our sweat and tears must then be trusted to the rain, the sun and to God for the growing and the harvest.
In our Spiritual walk, our labor and hard work must be watered with prayer and patience so that it is finally God who gives the increase.

Anonymous said...

good good good...
let go of fear.

Glynn said...

Beautiful poem, Karen, and it came from those prairies.