04 May 2011

Uncertain season

Nothing is certain
on the edge
of change
strong winds blow
in swirling frenzy
unable to choose
a fixed direction.

In such chaos
safety seems an illusion
yet there is stillness
in the centre
where the One
to Whom nothing
is uncertain
extends His hand.

I grab hold
with expectation
to His lead.


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Brian Miller said...

smiles...what a chaotic life/world we live in, yet he create3s those pockets of peace for us to stand in with him...

HopeUnbroken said...

yes! we can be fearless. . . how often we refuse to be, though. sweet writing.

Anonymous said...

well put.

Glynn said...

It's that grabbing hold of the hand - such a small thing -- a small thing that makes a huge difference. Good one, karin.

Joybird said...

I'm on the edge of change with you FF, but not fearless yet. Still trying to grab onto His hand though.

life or something like it said...

I stand on the edge of change too. Thank you for capturing your heart in word, which resonate so strong in myself.

Mommy Emily said...

"there is stillness in the Center"

love this. finding this stillness today... thank you. xo