10 April 2010

Holey - not holy

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My heart and my spirit sense that the journaling session I had with the Lord this morning is something He wants shared, for He was not speaking to me alone, but to His beloved bride.

Good morning Lord, thank You for the continuing restoration of my physical well being. I come to seek Your heart this day. What would You like to say to me?

I see You holding up a large cloth, like a sheet and it is filled with holes of various sizes, there are more holes than there is cloth. I know before You speak that You want me to recognize the cloth as Your bride, Your church.

And then You say “each hole is someone who has left My body, walked or fallen away, out of hurt or disgust.” And I see the pain in Your eyes and the longing for a bride that is healed and whole. You fold the cloth carefully and hug it to Your chest, showing the love You have for the pieces of cloth between the holes, those that remain. “If many more leave, there will be nothing at all to hold My bride together.

I knew we were far from being without spot or wrinkle Lord, but I am saddened at the desperate state you’ve shown me. I am in tears.

that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish Ephesians 5:27 NKJV

Turn to Me. Turn to love. Turn to truth. Rid yourselves of bitterness and envy. For truly My Spirit walks among you to lead you in My ways – if you but open your hearts. Every new soul builds the Kingdom, and this indeed is good. But every soul, once a part, that chooses to turn away, leaves an opening that the evil one longs to fill. What then shall you do? If one does so choose to go – as you continue to pray for them, draw closer to each other to repair the empty space.

I will knit you together in a tighter fashion in these days if you will allow Me.

Oh Lord God, may we be pliable threads in Your hands. We have failed on our watch and let the gaping holes remain. Choosing instead to stand firm in our own ways.

At times it is good to “stand” little one, and I call My people to “stand” often. But be ever listening, and prepared to move when I say “move”. Sometimes only the tiniest shift can move a mountain.

Love. Listen. Learn. And leap forward.

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@nicolewick said...

I think you were right. Thank you so much for sharing this.