24 April 2010

God, me, baseball and the church

I grew up in the Chicago metropolitan area, north side, far north side. That friends, would make me a Chicago Cubs fan. It also might explain part of the learned pessimistic anxiety I wrote about in yesterday's post. When you ride with the Cubs you hope for the best while expecting the worst, that way, you're never disappointed.

I admit that I was just a casual fan, without much real knowledge of the game, so it surprised me when Jesus spoke to me about His church using baseball terms. It would make sense for him to talk to Billy Coffey this way, Billy lives and breathes baseball, but me? I guess He is proving His Word:

But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27 NIV

So here is the journaling time I shared with my Lord:

Thank You Lord for Your everlasting presence in our lives. Thank You for speaking to Your bride in words and visions and scriptures. Today I choose You again Lord. I choose to serve no other gods. What would You like to say today?

I see a baseball diamond and You Lord are playing every position, both infield and outfield.

Yes, for I Am the only One Who would be able to Be all places, all things at all times. I Am that big and that powerful. As for you, in your world, you need each other. For you can only play one position at a time - one pitching, one catching, one for each base and so on. Your role may change from time to time as abilities and talents shift, but I have gifted you each for your area of service, to function with the help of others. Can all be first basemen? Are all called to left field? But let each one serve where they have been placed.

Think of the beauty and timing and intricacy of a triple play - each player focused on the task, aware of each other, moving with precision to accomplish what seems impossible.

My church can be like such. if you follow My lead, work as your part instead of attempting to be the whole. I created you to need each other. Together you can equal so much more than your scattered parts.

As each draws closer to Me, learning to practice My presence, so too must you practice the presence of each other to learn how to live and move and have your being together as one body. Think again of the baseball team - they only function well because of hour after hour of practice. Actions and reactions become almost automatic. They don't think "catch now throw" rather the body just moves. So too will My church operate when you learn to function as one.

You will see victory upon victory, even facing teams that seem impossible to beat.

You will be My mountain movers, filled with power by My Spirit. A team of those united in and by My Name. Unstoppable for My glory.


Janet Lyn said...

Love this post. I can so relate, as it's about, well, two of my favorite subjects: God and baseball. Yes, in that order.

Well played. A baseball team works best when each player knows and embraces his or her purpose, plays with passion, works hard, has fun and cheers on others on the team. Imagine what might happen if God's church ~His people~ actually did that. Wow. We would be unstoppable.

Billy Coffey said...

What a touching post! And I agree, it's a diamond with Him playing every position. As for being a Cubs fan, you'll continue to be in my prayers!

Michqel said...

First off, I am a die hard Reds fan. Secondly, this is such a beautifuly post. I love the analagy of Him playing every position. Thank you for sharing.

sailorcross said...

I love this!! God playing every position--and He does and will continue to do so!! Sometimes, I think I need to keep that in perspective--like when I think I have control over some things that I definitely do not!!

As for the Cubs--well, I'm not a "true" baseball fan--even though I'm from Baltimore and should be an Orioles fan--but I happened to see that the Cubs swept the Brewers this weekend!! So, I have to say--"Go, Cubs!!"

They are a team that has hung in there despite the odds--and shouldn't we all be doing that--depending on God playing all of our positions in our lives--listening for WHAT He is saying and not questioning WHY?

I'm determined to take the word "why" out of my vocabulary and replace it with "what"--not "why did this happen", but "what do YOU want me to do with and in this situation".


Duane Scott said...

As a person that loves baseball every bit as much as Billy, this post was beautiful.

Thank you!