13 April 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped - Word on bitterness

Each time I sit down with my journal and seek to enter into the presence of my Lord He speaks to me and gives me yet another precious gift to unwrap and ponder.

After almost a week of physical illness in the midst of a season of emotional turmoil, this is what He shared with me this morning:

Bitterness comes from hurt, little one, and though the flavour is not pleasant, it is not easy to shake free of. Some peole choose to spit it out all over those around them in anger. You, child, more often swallow it down, yes, even as you express it to others, you still digest it, make it part of yourself, part of who the enemy whispers you are. He would convince you that is who you are and what you deserve. Lies. It is all lies. I know you and formed you to contain and carry my sweetness.

Hurt will surely come, and bitterness and anger. You will chew on them and taste them and tears will be shed. But you do not need to own them, swallow them or make them a part of you. Allow My Spirit to show you safe places to spit them out - in ways that will not hurt you or others.

Just as your physical body had a week of "spitting out" so too shall we continue to work together to cleanse your heart and spirit.

The tears that flow and taste so salty on your tongue are honey to My liups, little one, for they are real and they are a part of you and they are setting you free. And each step in freedom is a leap closer to Me.

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Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

Thank you HisFireFly for posting this! I so needed to read this. I am fighting against bitterness currently. The Lord is bringing me along slowly but surely. It hinders my blogging as I don't want to spew it and pass it on to others.

Helen said...

Wow. This got me thinking. Sometimes when I pray, I cry and I don't know why. Maybe the HS is helping me to spit out bitterness? I don't know. Works for me.

Unknown said...

I love this. Wonderful honesty. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes things can go unnoticed until we are still and quiet with him