03 April 2010

There was a cost

3D CrossImage by A.Currell via Flickr

It is a dark Saturday, this time between the suffering of Christ for our sins and His glorious rising.

I have tried to position my mind in that place of hopelessness, of not knowing that He would return.

I see Him bruised and broken, His love on display, drop by drop by precious drop.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 NIV

Lord Jesus,
let me not forget
the cross was such a brutal fee
the pain You suffered purchased me

The pain You suffered purchased me
as You hung on Calvary's tree
holy and blameless without one spot
paying the price
when I could not

The pain You suffered purchased me
a sinner cold and lost
now I can only worship You
and not forget the cost

Let my every breath bring honor
to the One Who had no sin
My Lord, The Lamb, The Great I Am,
My Jesus who lives within

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1 comment:

caryjo said...

Thanks. We tend to forget during the "mid" day ... Saturday. We are still hovering with Good Friday in the back of our minds and planning activities for Resurrection Sunday. Forgetting how people suffered through that horrific Saturday. Good reminder.