09 October 2013

surrendering time

I want what I want
that is the nature of my flesh
not only what I want
but when I want it

notice the want
notice the I in every statement

I worry about things happening too quickly
I worry about delays
I worry I will be early
or late

notice the worry

and He says
peace, be still
do you trust me not?
I've got this
to move into My plans
release not only your will
surrender time

Day 9 of 31 Days of Surrender

walking with Emily and the imperfect



Unknown said...

This seems like the logical thing to do since our
Lord created us and time, but oh, how stubborn we can be and it is never easy!
Blessings XX

Anonymous said...

photos are kinda like flickers

Ceil said...

Hi FF! And the peace you seek is in the photos you put up on the blog. Just beautiful.

I think we all deal with craziness and lack of peace. I can always use a reminder of his peace, so freely given if we give it all to him.


Anonymous said...