19 October 2013

surrendering words

in the silence
your breath is a prayer
as morning settles long and slow
lay down then
the need for words
be still
I Am

Day 19 of 31 Days of Surrender

and seeking the stillness at Patricia's today



Patricia said...

Yes and amen!

Unknown said...

I really think we talk way to much when we pray. Just being with our Lord just enjoying His Presence is a great prayer. At night I can stand outside looking at the stars and just be in awe of our Pappa and just sigh in His Presence, for example.
Blessings XX

Maureen said...

This makes me think of the Spirit praying in us when we don't know how to pray. Our job, to be still and breathe, His job, to love and listen to our silence. Beautiful! Copied it into my journal.

Pamela said...

How often I talk and talk, forgetting the stillness part. My soul needs the stillness so I'm practicing the "be still" part -- to "lay down the need for words" as you so beautifully said.

caryjo said...

Loved it, as usual. And "Be Still"... must be a special Word this week, b/c you ain't the only one. And it's an absolute necessity that I settle down occasionally and just "feel" His gentle reminder that He is my God, my Leader, my Giver, my Foreverer Father.

Bless you and yours.
[Now I'm heading out to the Bhutanese church to greet my dear ones there...don't go until it's nearly over, b/c I don't understand a word of theirs except one that says "Jesus" and a source of "Hello". But they are such worshipers and lovers of the Lord when they have turned to him from Buddhism and Hindu to our dear Jesus. So, I'll go, hug many, hold babies, and now am a missionary... 3 blocks from my house. How cool is that? Even though I'd rather be in Uganda, I'd miss the Bhutanese. AAKK!!]

Sorry if I filled too much here, but hitting the street and hope you are a blessed one today.