10 October 2013

surrender to the narrowing

I had a vision where I saw the Lord, deep inside a cave, His light shining – but He seemed far from the entrance and in a spot where the cave narrowed.  As I journaled I asked Him what He was trying to say:

Yes, surely it is a narrow road to walk where I Am.  As you come to Me, you will indeed be squeezed and pressed, but though it may seem distant, see how My light illuminates the entire cave?

Do not fear the narrow places.  Do not be afraid to come to where there is only room for one.  I Am that One, and in those places you cannot survive but that you abide in Me.

Each day you are both growing and shrinking.  Each act of forgiveness is death to self.  Each time you choose to lay down your perceived rights, death.  Each act of submission, how ever small, an act of dying.  Listening for My voice and responding in obedience – death to self and life in Me.

Step by step by tiny step you are indeed walking the road the road to your own cross.  When you find others willing to walk that road, help each other, love each other enough to press each other onward.

Are you trying to walk His narrow road?  Can I help? How best can I walk beside you?

Day 10 of 31 Days of Surrender



Anonymous said...

When you are where you are, you do walk beside. You are there, in Him, and that is enough.

diana said...

I really, really like this one, Karin. You are walking the way of surrender well, my friend. Very well.