15 May 2013

Enter into ice

As always, Spring has returned to the Canadian prairies. Brown and grey are quickly being replaced with all the shades of green that only the Master Creator can imagine.  The breeze stirs hearts towards warm.  Thoughts turn to planting, bright days and long evenings.
Yet all is not well.  The heat combined with strong winds have caused havoc at the lake, freeing ice to crash into the shore with unforgiving force.  Cottages and houses were buried or splintered like toothpicks.  All this the announcement of the new season.
At another beach it was easy to imagine we were in the Arctic, as we snapped picture after picture, the cold from the ice clashing against the warmth of the sun.
The natural appears unnatural
there seems to be a way to enter
crawl deep into the ice
as if there might be refuge there
a peace in confronting the heart of the cold
and then, the melting

walking with Emily and the broken redeemed



Jody Lee Collins said...

Karin, as you share these weather extremes I'm taken aback at the power. Your photos and words
"a peace in confronting the heart of the cold
and then, the melting" are powerful, too.

Unknown said...

Karin, in South Africa, snow and ice is not a common occurrence during winter. We do get snow, but only in the higher lying areas. So I am truly amazed at the beautiful snow capped mountains on that one picture! Beautiful.
Blessings from Emily's.

Elizabeth W. Marshall said...

This is mighty and strong. I love the simplicity and the power behind this. Beautiful write.