25 May 2013


That we might accustom ourselves 
to a continual conversation with Him, 
with freedom and simplicity. 
That we need only to recognize 
God intimately present with us, 
to address ourselves to Him every moment, 
that we may beg His assistance 
for knowing His will in things doubtful, 
and for rightly performing 
those which we plainly see He requires of us, 
offering them to Him before we do them, 
and giving Him thanks when we have done.  
Brother Lawrence

seeking that quiet place with Sandy


Jody Lee Collins said...

Karen, I particularly liked these last lines, " offering them to Him before we do them, and giving Him thanks when we have done,"
Father, help me remember to offer my 'all things' to you, before I go running along ahead of you. :-)

caryjo said...

Considering where/how Brother Lawrence began and how he grew and grew and grew some more and shared way beyond anyone would have ever anticipated... now for hundreds of years ... that's an encouragement that we might be able to touch hearts, plant seed, too. God truly used him. His book was given to me back in '67, already used and underlined and commented in the margins by the owner who had had it for some time ... and after a number of years, I passed it on, too. So, he's still around and about...

You made me smile.

Lisa said...

These words speak deeply of reverence in solitude, of communion in silence ~ such grace.