31 May 2013

A wonderful imagining

My riding mower has been returned
repaired and ready to ride
but it has been too wet to attempt cutting.

This is the scene from my back door
not really grass
but weeds.

Yet I can imagine.  
Indeed I can imagine.

Not quack grass and plantains
but lush spread of Kentucky blue
thick and cool between my toes.

Not weeds, no
but delicate, precious golden flowers
the finest dandelions in the province
the envy of everyone for miles around.

Until the ground is dry enough
 to let the mower blades remove it all.  

Just for a moment.  
Just for today.   

Five Minute Friday 
linking up at Lisa-Jo's where the word today is imagine



Unknown said...

Looks like God has placed you in a haven, despite the tall grass and weeds! Enjoy the wet weather before the dry weather makes you wish for it!

In Christ.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

It's beautiful--truly beautiful--sometimes I wonder why we cut what others think are "weeds."

I think you see the beauty in them just as I do.

Unknown said...

The flowers truly create such a beautiful golden carpet that it would be sorry actually to mow the lawn. And after all, our Pappa did create the "weeds" as well and He did say of His creation that it all was good! I wonder when these pretty fragile flowers became weeds in the eye of man.
Happy FMF