09 May 2013

One from two

Rarely do I write in rhyme.  It is never intentional when words pour forth in that way, but inspired, I believed.

I share these words, written to my Rick years ago, as today we complete thirteen years of marriage and step, still hand in hand into the plans God has for us.                                                                                  
You are my fantasy and reality
having made my dreams come true 
I can never love another
in the ways that I love you
My heart evermore will open
doors which you have entered in
I forget where I have ended, love
and where you now begin.

Hand in hand, my Darling
we walk a narrow road
that God has chosen for us
but it's not a heavy load
The burdens and the problems
seem lighter than a feather
when you and I and God, as one
take each step together

This is, I am certain, with a profound knowing deep in my spirit, what I was created for; to walk beside this man, joined from two into one; bound tightly by the cords of God's eternal love.

Because He Is, we are.

The Man said, “Finally! Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh!
Name her Woman for she was made from Man.”
Therefore a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh.
Genesis 2:23-24 The Message

walking with Emily and those who have been broken and redeemed



diana said...

Many congratulations, Karin - and prayers for continuing peace and love as you travel life's road together.

Unknown said...

Dear Karin
Oh, how sweet your love for your Rick shines through the poem! Happy anniversary, dear one! My husband and I celebrated our 28the anniversary on the 30th of March and my love for him is even stronger now than when we were married. So nice to see you two walking together with our Pappa God.

Mommy Emily said...

this is just purely lovely, karin. and i really love the expression captured on your husband's face here. so gentle and contemplative. you are blessed. love you.

Shelly Miller said...

This is so lovely, what a gift. And the way it poured it in poetry, well, that is what love does to us, doesn't it? Happy Anniversary! I just celebrated my 23rd, we're blessed.