11 May 2013

Indescribable ache

How do I write of Mother's Day
when I'm not sure I know how to breathe?
I look at pictures on paper, 
or digital captures on the computer monitor, 
or images preserved only in the filing system in my mind, 
synapses firing fast today.
Yes, I know in years to come 
I will celebrate her on this day, 
and I will rejoice.
I will inhale memories, exhale thanksgiving.
But now, right here, the wound is fresh, 
the tears stinging hot.
The final thing we shared "I love you".
For this year, those words must be enough.



Leslie said...

may you be comforted by the knowledge of her love, even as you mourn her loss.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Dear sweet friend,
I would try to console you but I know there are NO words that I can say that would help you to breathe right now but KNOW there are those who are feeling your pain also simply because we have been there--right there where inhaling had to be a "rite" of its own.

Kathy Schwanke said...

Sorry my weekend was so busy, and I am just getting here today. And I am so sorry for your hurting heart and your loss. Praying the Lord meets your need for comfort. And I know He is. He does. <3