07 May 2013

Shadow she stands

wide eyed surprise
the vastness of the world
tinged with fear
and wonder
just beyond the edge
of the side-walk

yet I was not alone
or in danger
ever watching she stood 
ready to protect, rescue

in fading grey
she lingers still
a shadow, a ghost
leaving me
with the same child within
wide eyed
I step alone
beyond the edge of the side-walk

hanging out at the pub today


Brian Miller said...

nice...i like how the memory of her empowered you to walk on beyond the edge of the sidewalk...and realizing as well you are not alone..smiles.

Mary said...

This strikes me as kind of an ethereal write...haunting.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Exquisite......breathtaking and I know that exact feeling!

Claudia said...

i like that the knowing still gives you the courage to step out on the sidewalks of life even though she's no longer there but there is this powerful foundation she laid..beautifully penned

Linda Rogers said...

A fitting poem for Mother's Day. Your poem is touching and shows the trust of child to Mother.