04 May 2013

and know...

God rewards those who seek Him. 
Not those who seek doctrine 
of religion or systems or creeds. 
Many settle for these lesser passions, 
but the reward goes to those 
who settle for nothing less than Jesus himself. 
And what is the reward? 
What awaits those who seek Jesus? 
Nothing short of the heart of Jesus.
Max Lucado

waiting with Sandy for the knowing



Anonymous said...

This is great. I love Max Lucado -- one of my favorites.

caryjo said...

Thanks. I'm in a "struggle" situation now. Want my book published [He's the one Who told me to write it, so isn't it up to Him?], want to know who to "visit" more on line, where to go to touch in with people, and on and on. Need to focus only on Him, stay only with HIM!!! Forever.