08 July 2011

Without wings

I'm joining Brian Miller for Friday Poetically.  This week he shares the art work of his friend Bonnie of Original Art Studio and asks us to choose one of her pictures, allowing it to prompt a poem.

Living in shadow
dreaming of wings
an embrace

Solidly grounded
dreaming of flight
one strong wind
setting free

Gazing in wonder
dreaming a kiss
holding breath

Searching for answers
dreaming of nights
love returned
let it be

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Brian Miller said...

let it be, for sure...i can see the wings in the pic now that you point them out...and love returning always makes me smile.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Gazing at a piece of art, or reading a poem - we are granted permission, it seems, to dream. Enjoyed this.

barbara said...

I like what you saw in the picture. Really like the second stanza.

Glynn said...

It's what art is capable of - transporting us into another world, another hope. Good poem, Karin.

Sheila said...

nicely done, love the lost-in-thought feel to this.