22 July 2011

Early morning moments

These early morning moments
scatter like dust
too fast for me to hold

These early morning moments
are all I have to drink
to quench my thirsty spirit

These early morning moments
when I try so hard to hold Him
I forget that He is always
holding me.


Donalacasa said...

I love morning, but I'm working on the "early" part. Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers.


Anonymous said...

So love your picture here, Karin. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i have been liking the summer mornings. i forget too, that i am being held.

Leslie said...

it is easy to forget... thanks for the reminder. lovely photo...

a joyful noise said...

Loved your beautiful poem.
We do often forget that HE is holding us as we attempt to HOLD on - - we only tire ourselves out.