04 July 2011

So many tasty morsels

When I was given the opportunity to read The Spirit of Food 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting Toward God by the editor Leslie Leyland Fields, I could almost feel my spirit begin to salivate.

The back cover tempts with its description of the book:
You are invited to a feast for the senses and the spirit! Thirty-four renowned and adventurous writers open their fields, their kitchens, their tables, and their recipe files to illustrate the many unexpected ways that food draws us closer to beauty, to justice, to Christian community, and to God.
If you ever doubted that words could be crafted to be chewed on and savoured, you haven't encountered this series of essays.  I found myself lost in the pages, unable to push away from the table.  "I'll just take one more bite" I would tell myself, diving in again.

Here, in stories of shopping, cooking and eating, we find ways to love our God, each other, and our selves in deeper measure.  We partake not only of calories but true life.  We discover fresh revelation about the Lord like tasting a new and unsual spice that bursts on the tongue.  In stories of communion I found a desire for more of what only He can provide, the bread we so desperately need.

Are you hungry?  As you enter into the tales told in this volume, you will find your appetite both slaked and stimulated.  I pray, that like me, you also enjoy each tasty morsel.

I was provided a free copy of this book by the editor.  The opinons I have expressed are my own.

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