18 March 2011

Sticky release

This week, for Friday Poetically, Brian Miller posted this photo of a sculpture from the Taubman Art Museum in Roanoke, Virginia.  Brian said:
I came upon this work of art, which screams a poem just waiting to be written.
Then he challenged us to do just that.  Here is my response.

you see not my tears
nor the eyes
that give them life.
Do you assume
this armor
that covers my heart
protects, conceals
or restricts?

Even in my letting go

I hold tight
to find release
from castle dreams
that grow larger
as I decrease.

Yes, my kingdom

must fall
so that His
will arise.

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Brian Miller said...

its a battle many engage in yet seldom win, though we try to exert our will, it often leads to ruin...nice play on the prompt...

Shivpreet Singh said...

What a brilliant explanation ... Loving it.