05 March 2011


Cheetos are commonly considered a junk food.Image via Wikipedia

She chose a road
oft selected
to look at life
through eyes
half open
and half shut
to find comfort
living in the place
called denial.

She didn't question
his absences
the lost hours
believing instead
his words, claims
to choices
that lead
to a healthy life.

Don't look
and you won't see
the motto
of her days.

But too soon
truth cracked through
his orange stained
all at once

Only one decision

Send him away
or with kisses
lick the salt
from his fingertips.

Written as an entry in Duane Scott's Cheetos Poem Competition.  Read more and enter here.


Unknown said...

Karin...that was sooooo good!

Anonymous said...

I've read all the entries in the Cheeto poetry game, and all have been so good. I hope everyone has had as much fun with this as I have.

Helen said...

"lick the salt from his fingers"
I like that!

Duane Scott said...

Wow. You set yourself apart in the competition. Good thing I'm not the judge. I'd probably pick this one. :)