09 March 2011

Temporary thaw

Breathe deep moisture
the grey air
ice releases its grip
as movement returns

and loosen
winter joints
too long stiff

Breathing deep
while we can
all too aware
the snow
awaits our return

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Brian Miller said...

no, i refuse, no more snow please....please...

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of weather we've been having here as well. :)

dustus said...

I'm with Mr. Miller on this, bring on Spring already!

Unknown said...

I adore the reference to deep, cleansing breath. Nice Write.
Here's mine for the week:

Lolamouse said...

This reminds me of how I feel during the winter. So sluggish, stiff, in hibernation. I long for spring when I can stretch and loosen stiff joints and breath deep, like you say. Very nice description of the turn of seasons and the need to appreciate the "here and now."

Rachel Hoyt said...

The weather here is plenty warm (sorry to brag), but my muscles and joints feel as stiff as an 80 year old's! They need some thawing.

Beautiful poem. Loved the imagery. :)

Here's my One Shot: Ode to Strength.

Steve Isaak said...

Well-written nature scene.