07 May 2010

Thanking God for Rick

With our tenth anniversary only days away I am reposting a list of thanksgiving I first wrote for Ten Things Tuesday back on September 9, 2008.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning penned: "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." Let me take a bit of creative license here and say: "Why do I thank God for Rick? Let me count the ways."

Rick loves God above all else. That keeps his other priorities aligned.

Rick is not afraid to say "I'm sorry"

Rick has the same quirky sense of humour I do. We laugh often.

Rick is a lifelong learner.

Rick is quick to encourage and support me in whatever I believe God is asking me to do.

Rick's bag of tricks, his knowledge and abilities fill in the gaps and compliment my own.

Rick has a heart that has been kneaded, molded and softened by the Lord.

Rick always finds new ways to surprise me with his kindness.

Rick handles our finances with skill and Kingdom mindedness.

Rick is Rick! He is exactly who God created him to be but open to the Lord's ongoing and never ending work in his life. God is taking him from glory to glory, and I get to come along for the ride.


Kathleen Overby said...

Women who give such tribute and honor to their husbands are my heroes.

Duane Scott said...

Well, Sounds like someone I want to marry. Of course, a girl. :)