29 May 2010

Time to breathe and share

It's been an intense time of prayer and battle for our church and region and I am taking some time to rest, breathe and share some of the love the Lord has poured into me.

Tomorrow I fly south to the Chicago area to spend a week with my mom. She is feeling well these days, not receiving any chemo treatments and I thought it would be nice for us to have time to just hang out and do things that would be fun for both of us.

There are so many things she has missed during the years she was taking care of Dad.

So, we might go to the zoo, to the botanical gardens, to the theater and perhaps even a riverboat casino. We will share memories and laughter and tears.

At times I know I will again feel just like the little girl that looked to Mom and Dad for all of my needs. That was before I knew the only One Who provides and I pray for opportunity to speak of Him.

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Duane Scott said...

I wish I too could be in Chicago. It's looking like it will be the following week. Have fun!