01 May 2010

Saturday Eve Blog Post March/April 2010

Elizabeth Esther has asked us to link up to our favorite posts from both March and April.

In March I replied to a challenge by Bonnie the Faith Barista to write about rejection. My response was a post titled Rejection Revisted.
Sixth grade was a year of firsts. First time in a new school. First time of not going home for lunches. First time for romances that felt like the biggest love affairs ever, for a day or two. Sixth grade was a year of wanting to grow up. Read the full post here
In April, while planning a passover sedar celebration I wrote Dayenu-Enough.
The word “Dayenu” means “It would have been enough.” Reciting the “Dayenu” reminds us that we owe unending praise to God. Just as the Lord continually provides for us we should continually give praise to Him. Read the full post here
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